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Cockroach Control

 Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are pests having six legs, two antennae. The insect emits unpleasing odors and sometimes a different chirping sound. They prefer to live in the places where there aremoist and warm conditions or place having food. These species are usually found in human dwellings and are seen nearby waste deposits in the kitchen, washrooms or rooms where food is stored. Cockroaches are prolific breeders and together produce thousands of offspring in a year.Roaches discharge chemical trails in feces and emit airborne pheromones in order to swarm and copulating.  

The cockroaches prefer to roam around during the night time and run off when they are exposed to light. It is the most common household pest insects. Moreover, they flourish in households, food containers, cardboard boxes, hospitals, warehouses, pantry, storages, etc.

Roaches are the passive transmitter of microbes, bacteria causing food poisoning, and other diseases. Most of the human allergic reactions are caused due to cockroaches. Its presence is dangerous for humans. Hence, cockroach control in these places is mandatory.

Thus, Greenland Pest Control, a premier pest control company offer various measures to control these pests in Bangalore. Our effective and reliable cockroaches control solutions eliminate the presence of cockroaches from your house, offices, hotels, hospitals, Etc. We use safe and odorless chemicals spray and Gel method, to kill the roaches. We also provide annual cockroach control contract at affordable price.  

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