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Wood Bore & Termite Control

Wood bore

Woodborers damage the timber by digging it for the sustenance of food. They made flight holes over the wooden surface once they become the beetle (an adult). These pin holes are noticeable and signify that active presence of infestation of Woodborers in your house, office or wherever you see it.

We have attained several measures to control these pests and develop anti-woodborers removal skills. We offer integrated pest control management through systematic approach of Woodborers control in the home, hotels, offices, hospitals and various places.

Borer Control

The Borer control management must consider the borer larvae life cycle. It can survive in the wood for almost three years. The overall treatment must be penetrative and must have a long-lasting effect on the properties. The free inspection of the location is the best thing. One can find out a variety of woodborer, its infestation and preventive measures.

Petroleum based chemicals are sprayed on the surface though the service has its odor and treatment cannot be done without it.

Termite (White Ants)

Termites are small, soft-bodied, social insects as they live in a large community forming colonies. These insects travel via a network walkways of mud, and they elude from light. They cause heavy damage to human belongings such as wood, paper, stored grains, Building material, railway sleepers, trees, etc.

Termites are responsible for making the wooden structures shallow and week as they feed themselves on wood fiber and roughage.

Termite movement follows a set pattern, as they do not dwell in the buildings or wood. They get back to their nest in the ground after obtaining food.

The termite control procedure is thus, based on obstructing the path with a chemical barrier between the food and its nest.

We, being an establish pest control firm have setup enough skills in eliminating the termites in a systematic termite control treatment in entire Bangalore.
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