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Rodent Control

Rodent control

Rodents, rats, gophers, mice, beavers, voles of the rodent family are responsible for contaminating the food, damage buildings and transmit diseases to the humans. These are most cunning and widespread animals. They rely on humans’ food and shelter. They cause epidemic and diseases such as plague, rat-bite fever, typhus as well acute food poisoning.  
 Furthermore, they destroy human property, agriculture, and considerable health hazards happen due to them. Moreover, its population increases quickly. Therefore, rodent control is best option before they take over the place. They are so sly that they easily escape from rattraps, and poisons or only a few are caught.  

Thus, controlling rodents is a headache for the people. However, only well-qualified pest controller can control these filthy creatures. Being a top-notch pest control company in Bangalore, we have acquired scientific countermeasures for rodent control. We have developed the effective rodent control program to make your premise rodent-proof. 

Control of House Rats:  

Majorly, rat-infested in offices stores, shops, godowns, house kitchens, Etc. Mostly, they prefer to live indoor places. If any rat dies eating rodenticide or is caught in the rattrap, the other family members are clever enough and learn a lesson from it. This characteristic of rodents is called ‘bait shyness.’  

Therefore, we have acquired unique set skills to catch these creatures. We have developed a poison- called anti-coagulant, which is further, added to the bait material that attracts the rats. However, rats do not die immediately as they die after four days. Hence, it is operational, as the other members are not able to understand the cause of death, and they do not become bait-shy and others also eat the bait and eventually the entire mice population dies within a week.

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